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Writing Coach Packages vary according to the needs of the individual student. I work with both local and long distance writers on-line, by Skype, Google hang-out and phone.  I also have students who come to Flagstaff for marathon writing sessions.  Fees depend on the plan we create.


Jumpstart Your Writing is precisely that – a series of conversations and writing exercises that will help you begin the writing which you have so longed to begin; or to resume writing after you have found yourself stuck. We shape your plan according to your needs and our discussions. Fees vary based on what we put together.

Coaching for College and University Students: I work with undergraduate, Master’s and PhD thesis students not only to craft strong papers, but to move through the blocks that often arise in academic writing. I emphasize with because this process always involves honoring the student’s pace and voice. I also am available for class-room workshops to help students move past their resistance to writing. Fees vary.

Editing Packages also vary according to the needs of the writer. I light edit for believability, fire, flow and marketability. I can also line edit.  Again, fees depend on the work required.

Weekend Writing Workshops can take place here in Flagstaff or where you live.  We usually meet from Saturday morning till Sunday mid-afternoon, but Friday evenings are also possible. If you are interested in a workshop where you live, I ask that you line up the students, take care of deposits and provide a place. You’ll receive your place in the workshop in exchange. I set a limit on how many writers can be in any given workshop.

Gift Packages tailored for the holidays (including the Solstices), birthdays – and the time and writing needs of your friend, family or colleague.

You Name It and we will work out a plan.


Note: I work with students all over the world – by Skype, Google Hangout, and email.

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Up Near Pasco

It happened up near Pasco, Washington. My aunt calls from Burns to tell me. “Jinella, I got some sad news. Kyrin laid himself down on the railroad tracks up near Pasco and got hit. Far as the cops could tell, he had his music plugged in his ears, you know how the kids do…and his… … more >>>

The Map of How to Write

The Map of How to Write

I FINISH MY READING at a Southwestern Writers’ Conference. I have spoken about crippling pain from a hiking fall and seeing a dust cloud from the Gobi Desert turn the sun moon-silver over the Black Rock, and how a volcanic out-cropping seen against sunset can become figures from a Javanese shadow play. A woman in… … more >>>

Recent Postings

You set out on an unmarked road to write: Breakthrough Tip for now

You don’t begin. You begin and stop. You don’t resume. You believe that without directions, you are lost. Writing is hard work. If you’re lucky, you remember when writing seemed to pour through you. You were a conduit. You didn’t need to think, and if you did think, the writing seemed to go flat. Now,… … more >>>

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