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STOP: Breakthrough for the week of July 4, 2016

Write. Step into the danger zone. Send me your writing.  Let your heart win.  And, here is more wise beauty from Dean Kocjancik: Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  The deep thoughts did not leave me to go away with my daily life’s routine. I sat… Continue Reading >>>

My short story collection, The Talker will be

published by Torrey House Press in 2017. I learned the news on Winter Solstice. My tears were a sign that I felt relief even more than joy. I’ve known in the year since Torrey House published 29 that the Talker stories were heavy in my heart and writer’s spirit. I knew that until they went out to the world,… Continue Reading >>>

For Carla – when you are stuck: Breakthrough Writing tip for the week of 9/21/2015

I guide writing workshops at our local university for a good friend who teaches in Health Sciences. Each year I find myself honored to be in the presence of the students’ honesty, their courage and their willingness to write and read from that honesty and courage. Since I ask all of us to keep confidentiality about what… Continue Reading >>>

Interview with Gosia Mrugala

I was honored to be asked to do an interview with writer, Gosia  Mrugala, writer and photographer, for her blog, Beautyfully Boundless. Her thoughtful questions could be models for any writer putting together an interview. They led me as an unfolding story leads me. It is always a gift to learn something about myself I… Continue Reading >>>

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