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What if: you were alone with a story: Breakthrough for the week of 2/17/2020

Scheherezade was a shadow against shadows. “Imagine,” she said, “that each of our small cruelties is never gone.  They drift among us.  And, on a night such as this, they glow with a cool light.  The mountains, the sand, the alleys and highways are spangled with tiny blue-green moons.  Beautiful.  Terrible.  It hurts to look… Continue Reading >>>

“Serious as a heart attack”: Breakthrough for the week of 12/9/2019 – because I had a heart attack

I’ve always loved the tough customer phrase, Serious as a heart attack, (Think cop novels, police procedurals, whodunits.), but I didn’t really understand it till last Friday morning when I lay on an ambulance gurney, with 5-6 (appallingly attractive) EMTS yelling the numbers of my vitals back and forth to each other. Maybe twenty-five minutes… Continue Reading >>>

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