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Forget resolutions; forget “hope”: Breakthrough writing for the week of 12/28/2020

She is on familiar ground – and not. She has lived near this forest long enough to know how to move in and through it. She sees what she has been looking for. It is her husband – and not. Chera Hammons’ novel, Monarchs of the Northeast Kingdom, is a harsh – and wonderfully written –… Continue Reading >>>

Interactions of great and ordinary consequence: Breakthrough for now and the unknowable future

For all of you, especially Gabe and Lynette I don’t know how anybody does anything these days. You’re right about COVID. It feels like a fugue state. I’m tired and uninspired, and realizing the importance of all of those seemingly inconsequential interactions that made life exciting or interesting or upsetting or frustrating, like a conversation… Continue Reading >>>

Refuge: Wrap your writing around you

Take refuge. For now. Imagine your writing as a shawl, a cape, a beat-up hoodie. Enter this image and explore. Move through the layers. What time is it? Where are you? Who scrawled “Meow” across a window? Was it you? Were you alone? We have been told to isolate. Some of us fight the act.… Continue Reading >>>

And now, for something completely different: Breakthrough and Torrey House Press

Nobody stateside has seen Denny for at least twenty years. Last I knew he was in the Canary Islands or Sussex or Santorini. He’s seventy-five now and he’s probably still a great advertisement for profligate drinking. I’ve been going through my innumerable caches of writing prompts and found Denny’s pitch for a movie script. Fade… Continue Reading >>>

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