January 2022: Hope is only a story…

If you are hoping for a surprise, you will be disappointed. Surprises are always greater than hope. Story is greater than hope. Making is greater than hope. One of the wisest women I have ever known told me that hope is a con – while we are hoping, we are not taking action. I am not wise, but I believe that hope is based on the belief that there is an outside rescue operation. No one is coming, friends. You are the only friend to your stories.

I taped a quote on my desk. I see it every time I look up:  You have come to the shore; there are no instructions.—Denise Levertov

There are no instructions. There is no hope. Now. Where are you? Where is the story, the poem, the song of where you are? I don’t ask a rhetorical question. Every month I invite you to send writing. In over a year, two of you have responded. Have you nothing to say? Have you too much? Are you waiting for more instructions? So, you can figure out how to get it right?

Why do you think I write Breakthrough?  I won’t answer in this column. I invite you to ask me.

Just remember: No one is coming to rescue us. We are not going back to normal. We each stand on a shoreline. There are no instructions.

Except for this: Go to Latest News on https://breakthroughwriting.net/ to read each month’s writing.



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