Kinship: Breakthrough Writing for Now, 1/6/2022

I invited all of you to write about the eerie Now for Breakthrough. Cin Norris responded:  The days are bleeding. There are some vagaries of wind and weather in Nature’s futile effort to break up the monotony, but frankly I don’t think She cares that much.
I was distressed, at first, by my apparent inability to keep track of time. I began to set multiple alarms to remember mundane events like when to eat, when to take my medication, when to rotate laundry. Much like a watercolor painting, though, the events began to blur, each into the next until I found myself surprised when I correctly guessed what day it was. I eat when I am hungry. I sleep when I am tired. My house is a mess because I say I will clean it up tomorrow and tomorrow never seems to come. It’s just always today. Bleeding over into today again. And again. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am concerned that I’m not more concerned. And I wonder: am I dreaming? Because my dreams have taken on a quality of light and sound that seems more vivid that this grey, dull ‘today’ that keeps happening. I’m concerned that I’m not more concerned about that, too. I have an appointment tomorrow that I want to keep. I have several alarms set for it so I wake up in time. I hope it’s set for the right day. I’ll let you know.

Thank you, Cin – and not only for responding, but for the power and beauty of your response.

I repeat the invitation. Please, writers and Breakthrough readers, send us how you move through these times – especially how your writing might be affected by the human anxiety and grief in response to Covid.


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