No Rest for the Writer: Breakthrough for the week of 11/9/2020

I scarcely know how to stay upright without the fear that has fossilized my spine for the last four years. Perhaps you know how it was to not only be afraid for our country (which had ceased to feel like my country), but for your safety. I didn’t put anti-Trump bumper stickers on my car. I didn’t put a Biden-Harris sign in the car’s back window. I live in a fairly neutral neighborhood, but there are, on the other side of the highway, folks who were/are not neutral.
One of them wrote this on our neighborhood message board: Election or not TRUMPERS do not give up. He is the greatest President to grace our Nation. And we will never stop fighting for him or his family.

I can’t read that, mutter “Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man…”, and feel safe. I thought about buying a gun, talked with friends, both pro and con, and finally decided that given my somewhat volatile nature – some of you are chortling, right? – it was better for me to not be driving on our tourist-infested highway with a loaded gun. You can rest easy when you see the little silver car being driven by the old broad giving some outlander the finger.

So, what is the alternative? I’m doing it right now. And, it is your turn. I know you are out there. Prove it. Write about your post-American election world – and let us know we are not alone. If I received at least three pieces in my personal email:, I will illustrate next week’s Breakthrough with a photo of Jack, the new and very very busy ginger kitten.





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