You and Now: Breakthrough

Ladybug alights on a Cholla Needle, by Starflower

Me and Now: Cowboy Benez (Beans), a gray and brown tabby cat with high esteem, shares the desk chair with me. The blessed swamp cooler hums behind us. My pal, Everett, hung curtains over the two doorways to the living-room so the cool air stays in. I drink too much iced coffee and will pay for it later.

I have decided that I will not write about: C—–9; D—– T—-; or how I now understand what my Mom meant when she said: Old age is not for sissies.

Here is what matters: my neighbor friends delivered a basket of clean wash today so that I don’t have to go to the crowded and airless laundromat; I live ten miles away from a cramped and too busy town that once was Flagstaff; if I drive five miles, I can park and walk in a long-beloved forest; my friends; adult kids, their kids and I are healthy; the local grocery store makes elotes fresh every day; I am beyond fortunate to earn a sufficient living teaching writing to people I respect.

I can breathe.

Your Turn: Please send your writing to my other email:   We may not be able to hang out at a local cafe; we can meet here. You know who You are. I am talking to You.




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