Shock to my life: Breakthrough for August 15, 2017

True story: I woke up two weeks ago on the floor of my living room near my desk looking up at five ambulance/sheriff guys. I’d passed out from an electrolyte imbalance (hyponatramia) and been on the floor unconscious for at least a day. Broke three ribs. They took me to the local hospital where I was diagnosed with low sodium levels and a tiny stroke. I was treated at the hospital for five damn near sleepless nights (if you’ve been in the hospital you know how that goes.) I was released Wed.August 9.
I’m recovering, still shaky, scared, of course, but aside from feeling fuzzy from the aftereffects of the hyponatramia, I seem to have no brain damage. Ribs are healing. I’ve been blessed that my son has been here from Japan. I was supposed to pick him up and when I didn’t, he called my friend, Michael, who got the sheriff on the job.
I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about the medical care system in this country – with a few really bright spots. One of my current docs is great and has reassured me that I’ll continue to recover. I know what signs to look out for – had one of these episodes about five years ago. I’m hugely grateful to my son and daughter. She has been a constant support and watchdog.
I’m back copy-editing and clearly able to write. I didn’t make entries in Breakthroughwriting while I was in the hospital, but this will go in today as this week’s entry. Thank you for all being out there. I look forward to much more work together. ms
I would, of course, love to hear from you. Write me here so I can share with other readers, or at  If you’ve had a jolt like this in your life, do write about it for all of us.


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