Where You Are Right Now: Breakthrough Challenge for what’s left of the week of 5/15/17

You are on-line right now if you are reading this post. Either go back into full sensory reality right now and stay there for fifteen minutes, or imagine that you find yourself tiny and in the middle of a giant bowl. You run your hands over the inner surface. You understand that it is too slippery to climb. It is not unpleasant in your gleaming prison. You are surrounded by green.

Your turn to write: If you pulled yourself into the real world, tell us where you are. Help us to see, hear, smell, taste and touch what is around you. If you are in the bowl, take us into that story. Write for at least 30 minutes.

Here is Cin Norris, in response to the May 6 Breakthrough Tip 

I flip from one news app to another seeking something good, uplifting or positive. My heart tires long before my thumbs do. Before the world was turned inside out, I would stop and read an article about a police shooting or watch the live feed of Congress in session. Now I find myself glazing over the violence. Eschewing bombs and civilian casualties to focus firmly on funny cats, the newest inventions and athletes at the peak of their form.

If I ignore it, maybe it will go away. Oddly enough, the only time that has ever worked for me is with bug bites or bad weather.

My head and heart are filled to bursting with fear and hate—my own and that imposed upon me. My soul remains the seat of my consciousness and while my innocence is not broken, it is dark with tarnish around all the edges. I desperately need to believe in the good in people; that the white hat will always save the day. The maiden must always be rescued and even if there is no ‘happily ever after’, WPUK won’t be reporting her body found floating in the moat, sexually assaulted and mutilated the day after the white wedding.

How easy it is to bury one’s head in the sand. Calgon, take me away!

Between hate and fear, I tend to believe that fear is the stronger emotion. Hate drives, hate flares, hate pushes everything before it backwards and down. Fear endures. Fear can be handed down from generation to generation, never losing its power but distilling into a coalesced focus, hard and primal as a diamond. Hate dilutes over time until the sensation remains, but is void of any real motivation.

“Find what occurred at Linz.” Hate occurred there. Hate rose up, festered and was incubated there. But the Wolf’s prints can still be found all over Linz because of fear. Lassen Sie schlafende Hunde liegen- let sleeping dogs lie. Who wants to wake the Beast?




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