Launch: Send out your work: Breakthrough Tip for the week of 3/7/2017

You think you are ready. You think you need to just get a little better. The thought of exposing your work to your potential readers makes you want to curl up in a non-sentient ball.  Doesn’t matter, it might be time to submit your work. There are infinite possibilities for real magazines and in the mega-universe of the internet. Here is a typical posting  and another  (One of Ruti, the Red’s favorites.) Stalk the possibilities on the internet. Please send us any calls for submissions that look reliable .

Prompt: I’m ready to go public. (or) I’m not ready to go public, but I’m going to. Independent of my fear or insecurity, my beautiful words need to be written. (Take at least twenty minutes working with this prompt.) I look forward.

Check out the events calendar on my website. Thirty-two years ago, I wrote my first full short story, took a deep breath and sent it out. Today you’ll see where that action has led me and the work I serve.  ms


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