Time for the FLF to take care of our Human

We here at the FLF headquarters: Boo, Cowboy Benez, Happy Eddie and I are caring for our human. She broke her kneecap. It is unfortunate that she is not physically a cat, because then she just would have bounced up and continued on her way. Perhaps next incarnation – though I am kinda hoping that she and I come back as the same species so we can talk with each other and hang out.

We care for her by not tripping her; by eating food crumbs that fall on the floor because she tries to cook while she is on her walker (a scary thing though not as terrible as the vacuum cleaner);not racing into her room (where Cowoby Benez is not allowed because he kills the feathers) when she is trying to get her and the walker in; looking at her with all the love and comradely support we can when she is discouraged and reminding her that her friends are the best.

Thank Woody Guthrie that she can sit at the computer and her hands are not broken. And that I can write you to tell your of our love for her. (I’m trying not to tell her to write about the creepy times to come, but in case any of the oppressors are reading this, they need to know that our human may be down, but she isn’t out.) FLF members, please tell your humans about this rough time and encourage them to always “Look before they leap.”

Today’s mewsing: We all need each other.


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