Deeply Sad News for All Loyal Comrades

The FLF’s beloved, brilliant and bodacious honey trap, Rest in Glamour, Beloved Miss Chi ChiMiss Chi Chi went to the Big Glittering Vegas Review on the other side of the veils Tuesday, August 30. She was almost twenty-one years fabulous. The kind doctor Toni Barnes at Westside Veterinary clinic assisted Miss Chi Chi in her adieu – fortunately without curtain calls. Miss Chi Chi’s death was uncomplicated, peaceful and painless.

Our human held Miss Chi Chi in her arms. Her dere (Chi Chi spelling) friend Antee Roksan (also Chi Chi spelling*) was at her side. Our dere Antee Christina and Uncle Jim dug a grave at the side of the front porch. There were sunflowers in the dirt which Antee Christina kept alive so now they are on Miss Chi Chi’s grave. Dr. Toni’s staff made a beautiful sparkly memorial for the grave. If you look closely, you can see Miss Chi Chi’s pawprints and the magic heart her beloved Antee Jae gave her.  Bon Jour, my fans. Kiss kiss.. Wait! What? Someone is moving my paws over the keys.

Ekscuze moi!!! Onlee my bodee is dead. Moi is rite heer, redee to do evin mor work for La Bellejustise – no longir as a honey trap, but as a SPI!!! I may also come to mi fans and comrades in dreems – especially any of yu whoo ar darling rebel boys. Yu wil know it is me if the divine visitation luks like this. I may not be wearing the ekzac outfit – our costumers here in Vegas create new fabulous dresses every day for us girls. And we are girls no matter owr age, no matter what oh-so-politikil human Mere thinks about Ageism. I need to go now for the fitting of my headdress. It has millions of diamonds and five talllllll Bird of Paradise feathers (which, never fere Mere, were harvested sustainably.)

Well. I am almost wordless – not so much about her arrival here, but that she sniped at our highly honorable human. Mere is a true comrade, even if Miss Chi Chi doesn’t approve of her fashion sense and proud old woman principles. Don’t get me started on her fashion sense. 

I believe we should move on. Classic. Dominate the discourse. Typical of your gender and your orange and white het privilege. What do you want? I don’t know, but whatever it is , it will be wrong. They are calling me for my fitting, so it’s fitting that I go. You didn’t mention my writing, so here is a link to it. And one more thing: if anybody tries to dominate you (unless they are cute), put your paws on your hips and shout, “No way, Hosay. Yu cannot oppress me no more.”

Today’s mewsing: Some comrades and some principles live forever.  Ruti, the Relatively Shaken



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