TOP SECRET MESSAGE, from you-know-who

My dear comrades, Thanks to some of you (If you haven’t voted yet, feel free to joint the ranks of honored human comrades by voting), I continue to be in First Place in the Second Chance no-kill shelter contest to elect a Spokescat for Late for the Train’s new coffee roast. The voting ends on August 31. I’ll keep you posted throughout the month. Special thanks to L. and T., who met with me recently. I was impressed with their wit, irreverence and inner and outer beauty. They shall remain anonymous to protect them from the Forces of Oppression.

I recently took on a second identity. In the spirit of transparency – I refuse to give in to fear, please meet Ruti Appleboy-Red (his real name.) I look forward to being able to cover much more recruiting territory with my longer legs.

Today’s mewsing: When in doubt, shape-shift. Ruti, the Really Great Cow151HO03121Bull


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