Keep up the pressure, my comrades: the gap is narrowing

I am still significantly ahead in the Rescue Roast/Second Chance no-kill Shelter Coffee Labelwe write now? contest, but there is a month and a half to go and the candidate running second has gained a few votes. Please remember that my no-nonsense face on coffee packages will remind human servants of what really matters – and encourage down-trodden cats to take heart, speak out and organize. Help stamp outfutdown declawing, genetic “enhancement” breeding and international coffee shop corporations that serve lousy coffee at inflated prices (meaning less money for wet cat food!) A vote for Ruti, the Rad is a vote for true feline justice. I thank you if you have already voted and I ask you to spread the radical word anywhere you can.

Next week I shall return to messages with strictly inspirational content, but in the meantime consider this: Today’s Mewsing: Sometimes we must use the tools of the oppressors against them. Ruti, the Ready to Serve


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