Your Response to My Request Could Save the Homeless + good news from a city which must not be named.

Ruti, the Red here. I hardly know where to start. There is so much injustice going on and too few futdownopportunities to address human myopia and cruelty. It is time to put our paws down! I begin with the wicked situation currently befalling Browser, a beloved library cat:  As reported by wishy washy “progressive” NPR, The city council in White Settlement (Texas)  voted to boot Browser. The cat has lived in the library for 6 years. It was evicted out of fairness after a city employee wasn’t allowed to bring a puppy to work. I will send a copy of this column to the city council once I’ve finished writing it – with a discrete threat of vengeance by the Feline Liberation Front.

The human and I have entered me in the Second Chance Animal Shelter competition to be Spokescat for a new Late for the Train coffee blend. Voting begins on July 1, 2016. Each vote will bring money to Second Chance. Please vote and spread the word through any fiendish social media outlets you can. We must use the tools of the oppressor for justice. I promise to spread the word about homeless creatures far and wide. Note illustration: My paw is down for justice!

Two new comrades have joined our ranks. They live in a Southwestern city whose location will not be disclosed for security reasons. We thank their human – whose name will not be disclosed for the same reason. Their operative names are: Mr. Fluffypants and Princess Dustbunny. I’ve not labeled their pictures to protect these brave comrades. Today’s mewsing: We must remember the lessons of the past so we don’t repeat them. Work together for justice: Ruti, the Ready to be Spokescat



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