Not a list: One simple action: Breakthrough Tip for 7/28/2014

You read these tips. Maybe you even click Like. You promise yourself you’ll sit down later when you have a few minutes and play with a Breakthrough. Somehow, it doesn’t happen. Another week goes by…and another. You look at the dozen books on your shelf about how to write. Maybe it’s time to take them to the recycle store. Maybe it’s time to take a class, have another kid, leave your partner, move to the other side of the country.
Nah (read that with a New York accent). You writing waits. It won’t go away. Eventually, it will win. But, for now try this: change one of the actions you do habitually. Choose an easy one, something simple: get out of bed on a different side. Drive home a different way. Sit for five minutes before you log on (thought this one can be tough.)
That’s all. And today, I need to follow my own advice. I’ll let you know next week what I changed.

Bonus tip: If you have trouble getting your character out of the living-room into the car (some of you probably know what I mean), try writing from inside your character. Use interior monologue. Rick couldn’t seem to make himself get up from the couch. “What’s wrong with me. It’s not as though it’s a dentist appointment or a funeral. I waited a year for this chance and now my body weighs two tons and I can’t move.”


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