Breakthrough Exercise for the week of 4/14/2014: Stand in the place where you live…

“Where you are, believe it or not, is at the very center of life. It is precious beyond your recognition. Cherish it. Be more careful than you have these past days. Really.”   —John Nichols, Milagro Beanfield War 

I opened my novel  Sisters of the Dream, with that quote. John’s book and mine were written in a much different time from now, a time when many understood that what mattered was living deeply – not at a  breakneck pace. I invite you to time travel with me. Once you finish reading these suggestions, stop where you are. Take at least twenty minutes to see, listen, smell, taste, touch and be with whatever is going on in your mind and body. After you have given yourself and your writing that, write for twenty more minutes. Begin with: “Where s/he was (or you are), believe it or not, is at the very center of life.”

Please send me questions that I’ll respond to in future Breakthrough tips. You could want to write characters more strongly, place more vividly, a story with more surprises and flow. Your taking action on this will help me shape Breakthrough Writing. Thank you.


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